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Woman standing on a mountain top


High altitude hiking presents a few challenges such as lower atmospheric pressure and thin air, colder nights, wind and snow at any time of the year, and so intense sun that you need sunscreen and sunglasses or goggles for better protection from the UV radiation. Seasoned hikers know that harder treks require not only enthusiasm but also training and experience. However, these days, many less experienced backpackers take the risk of hiking hard and challenging trails. It’s not a coincidence that so many tourists and inexperienced hikers have fallen from trails or have become incapacitated by severe problems that could have been prevented by adequate training. Moreover, only real preparation for altitude is altitude and sadly for those coming from sea level, they are in an awkward position because there are no shortcuts to acclimatizing for them. Anyway, high altitude hiking poses a challenge to everyone even for those who have experience hiking up in the mountains. However, if you learn some tips and tricks on high altitude hiking, you’ll be much better prepared to face most of the challenges and obstacles that await you at high elevations...

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Hiker approaching snow capped mountains


High altitude activities such as hiking and climbing can be very rewarding, however, they can also pose a serious threat to the state of health of anyone practicing them. Most people who have ever gone at altitude know that there are various dangers related to trekking, traveling, climbing, and being at high altitudes, in general. Though, many of these health risks can be avoided and/or are more or less manageable, some hazards such as the so-called altitude illness stem from the elevation itself thus they cannot be easily avoided.

Altitude illness is a condition associated with travel to elevations above 2500m. Nonetheless, in some cases, symptoms of some forms of altitude sickness can appear at elevations as low as 2000m.

There are three forms of acute altitude illness...

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Child playing near lake


Plenty of avid outdoorsmen think that their days of hiking are on hold once they become parents, however, there’s a much more viable alternative - they can just bring their kids on the trail with them. Many people see time on the trails as a great way to bond as a family while sharing their love of the outdoors with their children.

Hiking with kids is fun once you ensure that the experience is positive for both you and your children. Keep in mind that your kids will remember their first hiking trip with you for the rest of their lives so make sure they love it. You might even consider this as an important mission the result of which would have a great impact on your children’s attitude towards hiking and backpacking for many years to come. Take the kids and don’t listen to the people who say no. A day in the woods can be a great gift for your little ones because of at least three reasons...

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Rain droplets


Hiking in the rain is a bit controversial and as such it has some strong proponents and fierce opponents.

The hard-core advocates of wet-weather hiking claim that as far as you’re prepared to be wet and take some measures to mitigate the consequences of that, you need nothing more than a good set of rain gear, some dry socks, and a pair of good trekking shoes to be fine. Certainly, the availability of some basic equipment is often sufficient for hiking in wet conditions, though having a pair of trekking poles at hand may facilitate your efforts and help you keep your balance.

The staunch opponents would rather take a day off than hiking in the rain risking getting a cold or an injury. They assume that the payoff isn’t worth it most of the time and, unless it is a matter of great urgency, they prefer not to hike in wet conditions.

Hiking in wet conditions has its pros and cons and you may wish to know more about them in order to decide for yourself if it's your thing or not. Additionally, you need to be familiar with the dangers associated with wet-weather hiking to avoid difficult and risky situations. Now is the right time to remind you that good hiking gear (including clothing, footwear etc.) is no substitute for basic outdoor skills. Moreover, good hikers know that gear nowadays is better than it was 20 years ago, however, they also know that outdoor gear today is often overhyped by the manufacturers and marketers. The reason for this is prosaic...

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