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Summertime is a special time for so many hikers and backpackers. Everyone hits the trail in the pursuit of making memories that are worth remembering and sharing with friends and colleagues. In the last a few posts, we first discussed and compared the features of convertible pants and shorts giving you valuable information about these two types of hiking pants and a starting point before planning your summer hiking trip(s). Then, you got familiar with the five golden rules for summer hiking as well as the various ways of water treatment on the trail. Our latest post concerned night hiking with its pros, cons, and dangers. Following the recent summertime line of our blog, we continue with one of the most important components of every serious hiker’s gear - hiking footwear...

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Hiking requires a set of skills and can be very demanding even during the day when there’s enough natural light; hence night hiking isn’t for everyone, especially for novice hikers. However, once they acquire some basic skills and gain enough knowledge about the trail, they will be prepared for some safe night hiking

Before going to the pros and cons, take a look at some basic rules for safe night hiking valid for both novice and more experienced backpackers...

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You might have the greatest pair of hiking shoes, comfortable and well-fitted pack, light and breathable clothing, and the latest hi-tech gear; however, other things are no less important for your hike. Food and water will be probably the heaviest items in your backpack but they’re well worth their weight. But while you can manage without food for weeks, this isn‘t so for water – you can survive without hydration just a few days (on some occasions dehydration can kill you in a matter of hours). On any walk, you need to know where water sources are and what the condition of the water is likely to be. Water supply is among the most important things you want to know about a region you’ll be hiking in. Depending on the location and time of the year, water can go from an insignificant concern during the planning stages to the most important factor...

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