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Camotrek was created to inspire you and give you the right tools to explore the outdoors. That's why we share valuable information about hiking and all those things related to walking in nature. We wrote the Ultimate Guide to Planning Hiking Trips because we wanted to give you an easy to read source for planning hiking trips. The eBook is free of charge. It's our special present for you and we hope that you will find valuable information in it and use it as a guide to help you plan out many unforgettable hiking adventures.

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Our mission is to ensure better outdoor experience for you on and off the trail. For this reason, we offer quality footwear, clothing, and equipment at reasonable prices.

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Visit also our blog section, where we're going to share valuable information on hiking, including trails, clothing, gear, backpacks and packing, food, hydration, psychology, injuries etc. There will be more on hiking shoes and boots, their components, features, and maintenance. Moreover, there you can find the latest news, products, and promotions we offer at Camotrek.  

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Adventures are unpredictable by definition. However, careful planning is the key to having a safer, and more enjoyable hiking trip. Whether for an overnight trip or a multi-week journey, you will reap the greatest rewards by preparing for your adventure. Knowing what to bring on your next trip and how to pack your gear efficiently means that you can hit the road without packing too much crap and enjoy your hiking or camping trip more.


Having functional, comfortable, and reliable hiking footwear that fit is essential because well-fitting or ill-fitting boot can make or break your entire experience on the trail. Technical materials, components, and designs are important for an optimally functional shoe. Find out what type of footwear to take, which boots to buy, and which features and characteristics really are essential for any adventure.


What to wear on the trail? All backpackers face this question. Knowing what to take, which jacket to buy, and how to layer your clothing is essential. Hiking apparel should keep you safe and comfortable in various temperatures and conditions on and off the trail. Read up on the posts below for a crash course on apparel, including hiking outfits essentials, various clothes and their best use, fabrics, properties, features, proper layering as well as main considerations when choosing your attire.


Waterproof breathable textiles are extremely important for sportswear as they provide protection against wind and precipitation. Enter the world of waterproof breathable fabrics and clothes and get familiar with their functions, properties, and applications as well as the trends on the WBFs market. Learn also about the main types of waterproof breathable clothes, the various constructions, and the expected performance.


High altitude travel presents some unique challenges such as lower atmospheric pressure and thin air, colder nights, wind and snow at any time of the year, and so intense sun that you need sunscreen and sunglasses or goggles for better protection from the UV radiation. These posts will prepare you for the dangers of hiking and travel at higher elevations such as altitude illness and various heat and cold-related illnesses and injuries, their symptoms, prevention as well as proper treatment.