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Rain droplets


Sportswear needs to maintain wearer’s comfort in the outdoors. For this reason, hiking clothing must possess a variety of characteristics and properties that make it reliable, functional, and comfortable. Hence, in order to understand the performance of garments, their characteristics, and properties, it’s necessary to be familiar with the various terms used in the industry.

Professionals and outdoor enthusiasts who are regularly involved in outdoor activities or subjected to extreme conditions are increasingly seeking multifunctional clothing to maintain their comfort in any conditions on and off the trail. Such clothing should keep the wearer dry and comfortable when it’s cold, hot, wet or windy outside. In order to do so effectively, hiking outfit needs to be lightweight, moisture-wicking and quick-drying, water- and wind-resistant, seam-sealed and breathable. Additionally, the garments need to be abrasion-resistant, durable, and to have appropriate thermal insulation properties. All these properties and characteristics of hiking clothing make it functional, reliable and long-lasting - exactly what your apparel needs in order to be able to respond to changing environments.

In order to understand the characteristics of hiking clothing and fibers, it is essential to be familiar with several technical terms...

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Having a pair of gloves on or off the trail is essential when being in cold environments. In such conditions, without gloves, your hands will stay cold which is not only painful and unpleasant but can be extremely dangerous with serious long-term consequences. Rain and wind will exacerbate the situation further because they facilitate heat loss, which is most predominant in body extremities. This happens because, in cold conditions, fingers and toes rely mainly on blood circulation to produce heat. However, cold weather causes vasoconstriction reducing blood flow and thus precluding body extremities from getting the much-needed heat to warm them. Thus, wearing a pair of waterproof gloves or mittens is one of your best options when being outside in cold and wet conditions...

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Mountainskin Lightweight Waterproof Jacket Army Green


Most experienced outdoorsmen know that rain jacket is among the most important pieces of gear in their packs. Its main function is to shield the user from wind, rain, and snow, but also to quickly transport any moisture from the inner to the outer environment. This has to be done because moisture accumulation inside the clothing system compromises its insulation capacity. While this can be tolerable in warmer weather, it is very dangerous in extreme conditions and can have serious consequences. Additionally, sweat and body oils block the pores of the waterproof breathable fabric reducing its breathability.

Mountainskin Lightweight Waterproof Jacket is a windproof rain jacket. It’s completely waterproof and offers excellent weather protection in extreme conditions. Suitable for a layered clothing system, this rain shell can be a perfect outer layer due to its high breathability and water-resistance. The outer shell is made of polyester treated with a DWR for added protection from rain and snow. Full front zipper with a covering flap going all the way to the top of the zipper provides additional protection from wind and rain. High collar with a chin guard protects your neck against the elements...

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Typical rain jacket design


More and more people engage in and enjoy outdoor sports and activities. Since both the environment and the heat generated by activities are beyond the control of the person engaged in the outdoor sports, it is important to provide people with reliable sportswear.

Layering is among the most important concepts regarding outdoors apparel. A layered clothing system usually consists of three layers of clothing: a base layer, a mid layer, and an outer layer. For complete protection from rain or water, it is possible to wear a fully waterproof jacket. However, as we explained in All About Waterproof Breathable Fabrics, the use of a simple waterproof outer layer is ineffective because it shields from rain and snow but it doesn’t let internal water vapor to escape. This leads to a formation of condensation in the clothing system which seriously decreases the system’s capacity for ensuring insulation and weather protection. Moreover, this leads to the feeling of clamminess and what’s worse - to excessive cooling. Therefore, to provide both protection and comfort to the user, the outer layer must be waterproof and breathable...

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