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Camotrek was created to inspire you and give you the right tools to explore the outdoors. That's why we share valuable information about hiking and all those things related to walking in nature. We wrote the Ultimate Guide to Planning Hiking Trips because we wanted to give you an easy to read source for planning hiking trips. The eBook is free of charge. It's our special present for you and we hope that you will find valuable information in it and use it as a guide to help you plan out many unforgettable hiking adventures.

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Our mission is to ensure better outdoor experience for you on and off the trail. For this reason, we offer quality footwear, clothing, and equipment at reasonable prices.

Our product range includes a wide variety of hiking shoes and tactical boots, functional hiking pants, shirts, and jackets, durable bags and packs, navigation tools and optics, sleeping bags and accessories as well as other hiking and tactical gear from Mountainskin, FREE SOLDIER, Naturehike, Clorts, MERRTO, Bona Shoes, Haers, Naviforce, Maleroads, Wuben, Esdy, REEBOW, Eyeskey and other quality brands. 

Camotrek store always ensures the highest level of customer service and the fastest delivery possible. What is more, we offer free shipping on all orders in accordance with our Shipping & Delivery Policy.

Visit also our blog section, where we're going to share valuable information on hiking, including trails, clothing, gear, backpacks and packing, food, hydration, psychology, injuries etc. There will be more on hiking shoes and boots, their components, features, and maintenance. Moreover, there you can find the latest news, products, and promotions we offer at Camotrek.  

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Yosemite National Park


Hiking, backpacking, and exploring natural parks are among the most popular hobbies in the United States in recent years. Today (as of March 2019), there are 61 national parks in the national park system. These amazing places in the great outdoors are perfect for an affordable vacation among beautiful natural landscapes, breathtaking sceneries, cultural and historical landmarks.

The National Park System attracted more than 318 million visitors in 2018 (the actual number of visitors is 318 211 833 as 26.44% of them or 84 122 421 are those who have visited various national parks) or a decrease of roughly 12.5 million visitors in comparison with 2017 (with 330 882 751 recreational visitors in total; national parks welcomed 84 167 264 or 25.44% of them). Three of the top 10 most visited national parks saw record visits: Grand Teton NP, Rocky Mountain NP, and Grand Canyon NP (they also registered the biggest increase in 2018 with 5.25%, 3.45%, and 2.02% respectively).

Unsurprisingly, the most visited national park in the USA in 2018 was...

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Many people’s first hiking experience is in their childhood when a parent (often a grandparent) takes them for a walk in the backcountry. Such an occasion inevitably remain in a child’s memory for a long time, especially if the experience was very positive (or negative), and has a great impact on his or her attitude towards hiking for a long time.

Others’ first hiking memories are from high school when their geography teacher got them into hiking, taking them and their fellow students to a popular local trail, and probably afterward they became members of the hiking club at school.

A third group of people go walking and hiking for exercise or to stay in shape. Nature offers so many options for spending a great time outside hiking - from beautiful national parks to various natural landmarks and attractions.

People hike for many reasons - for enjoyment, for recreation, for relaxation, for a challenge, for change, to revitalize, to think, to connect with nature. Here are our ten reasons for you to put on a pair of hiking shoes and start your adventure now...

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Hiker with gaiters walking through dry area


Whether you go for an easy day hike where only having some basic knowledge and gear is required or a long backpacking trip where having an in-depth knowledge of mixing and matching clothing as well as a long list of packing items is recommended, comfortable and reliable footwear is a must. So, what are the most important characteristics to look for when selecting your hiking boots? Good fit is probably the most important feature of any hiking footwear - your footwear just needs to fit your foot. Regardless of how functional it may be on paper, well-fitting or ill-fitting boot can make or break your entire experience on the trail. Additionally, among the most important characteristics of a hiking boot are good traction, shock absorbency, waterproofness, breathability, good foot and ankle support, stability, light weight, and durability.

There are several types of hiking footwear. Among them: sandals, trail-running shoes, hiking shoes, hiking boots, backpacking boots, and mountaineering boots. Each of them has its pros and cons, depending on the terrain and characteristics of the trail, season, weather and temperature, distance and duration...

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Adequate hiking outfit is a key to your overall readiness to face the various challenges that await you on the trail. Comfortable and reliable hiking clothing should provide protection against the cold (in the winter), heat and sun (in the desert and summer), wind, and precipitation. As Skurka outlines in his very informative book The Ultimate Hiker’s Gear Guide, ‘Clothing needs to help you stay cool when it’s hot, warm when it’s cold and windy, and dry when it’s wet; it also has to protect you against a scorching sun and abrasive brush.’

Nowadays, thru-hikers and ordinary nature lovers often look for multifunctional apparel capable of maintaining their comfort in any conditions on and off the trail. This means that hiking clothing must have certain features and characteristics to effectively keep the wearer dry and comfortable in various temperatures and conditions in order to be able to respond to changing environments. Moreover, hiking apparel should be durable, breathable, and as light as possible without losing its insulative properties.

Layering your hiking outfit is essential, especially when hiking in the mountains. Your best bet is to rely on a layered clothing system composed of specialized items that can be easily adjusted and mixed and matched with...

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