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Our mission is to ensure better outdoor experience for you while on the trail. For this reason, we offer quality footwear, clothing, and equipment at reasonable prices.

Our product range includes a wide variety of hiking footwear and  tactical boots, functional hiking pants, shirts, and jackets, durable bags and packs, navigation tools and optics, sleeping bags and accessories as well as other hiking and tactical gear from Mountainskin, FREE SOLDIER, Naturehike, Clorts, MERRTO, Bona Shoes, Haers, Naviforce, Maleroads, Wuben, Esdy, REEBOW, Eyeskey and other quality brands. 

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Man with a bow steps in a river


Hiking shoes must be durable, shock-absorbing, and offer stability on the trail both on an even terrain and on uneven surfaces.

There are some specifics of the human gait that we need to clarify first. It's a complicated cycle, which consists of a coordinated series of movements that involve both the upper and the lower part of the body. The human gait consists of two phases called "stance phase"  (the foot is in contact with the ground) and "swing phase" (the foot is off the ground). When you walk, your foot is on the ground for about 60% of the time, while off the ground phase takes about 40% of the time. For about 20% of the time, while walking, your both feet are in contact with the ground.

During off-road and trail running and walking (hiking) we recommend using trek shoes. They are durable and give more lateral support to prevent ankle sprains.

Here come FREE SOLDIER Tactical Sport Shoes. Made of durable mesh with seamless mosaic technology for better air circulation and ventilation, these men's tactical shoes provide a premium fit and feel and are lightweight, breathable, and quick dry...

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Mid layer - Fleece


Hiking and backpacking provide people with an opportunity to escape the stressful daily city life and explore natural landmarks – mountains, hills, canyons. Most amateur hikers need only a pack, sturdy and comfortable hiking shoes or boots, and appropriate hiking outfit to keep them warm and comfortable in low temperatures and cool and comfortable in high temperatures. (For more info about basic hiking equipment check out: Packing for a Day Hike or Packing for a Multi-day Hike)

Hiking clothing encompasses a wide range of products. At the core of this market are clothes that may be considered for hiking but also cross into other outdoor activities such as mountaineering, trail running, mountain biking, and winter sports.

It is an accepted practice to use a layered clothing system for safe and enjoyable participation in these sports. This allows the wearer to adapt his hiking clothing in response to changing comfort or weather demands...

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FREE SOLDIER Archer Backpack-25L-and-35L


Made of extremely durable, water and abrasion resistant 1000 denier Cordura fabric with Teflon treatment for grime resistance and easy maintenance, Archer 25L Backpack (the small one, see the image to the left) and Archer 35L Backpack (the large one, see the image to the left) from FREE SOLDIER are sling packs designed to be worn over the left shoulder. Both variants feature lots of storage capacity. FREE SOLDIER Archer Backpack has one large padded main compartment with two-way YKK zipper closure (where the bigger pack can easily accommodate laptops up to 15.6" in size or water bladders) and several smaller compartments with various zip, slip and mesh inner pockets. Among them - an adjustable side pocket with inner elastic cords and quick-locks for a water bottle or a flask...

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As an avid hiker, you should be familiar with some basic rules for proper behavior on the trail - the so-called “trail etiquette”. You can learn more about it in a future post in our blog because this time we’re going to talk about how to practice low-impact hiking. It is as simple as that: you just need to follow several rules so that you keep the trail in the same condition you’ve found it.

Walking around mud holes may keep your hiking shoes or boots drier and cleaner, but it widens the trail over time and leads to the creation of multiple, parallel trails. Don’t parallel a trail to experience off-trail walking because most damage is caused when walkers walk along the edges or just off a trail, widening it and destroying the vegetation alongside...

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