Presenting FREE SOLDIER Tactical Evd Boots

Men's tactical boots offered in modern black or grey color, FREE SOLDIER Tactical Evd Boots are a perfect choice for everyone who wants military quality footwear.

Made for high performance in any weather and specially to stand the test of tackling rough terrain, these boots feature a slip-resistant rubber outsole ensuring premium grip and traction, and shock-absorbing EVA midsole providing superior cushioning and reducing foot fatigue. Water-resistant upper made of sturdy leather with hard-wearing rubber and moisture wicking and breathable spandex lining make sure that your feet stay dry and comfortable in wet weather so that you can fully focus on your mission. Sturdy toe bumper protects the base of the foot from dings and scrapes, while durable nylon laces allow for a strong knot that stays tied.


FREE SOLDIER Tactical Evd Boots are men's tactical boots designed for special missions in all possible conditions. Whether it's tactical training, airsoft, hiking, hunting or law enforcement actions, these reliable combat boots won't betray you when you need high performance.

FREE SOLDIER brand manufactures quality men's tactical boots and lightweight tactical shoes, functional pants, fleeces and jackets, tactical bags and assault backpacks. For more information, browse through our selection of their quality products here.

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