A Special Present for You - Ebook for Planning Hiking Trips

New year, a time to take on new challenges and reaching new heights. We hope that it'll bring you many positive emotions and unforgettable memories.

Camotrek was created to inspire you and give you the right tools to explore the outdoors. That's why we share valuable information about hiking and all those things related to walking in nature on our blog and update the content of our hiking blog regularly.

We wrote the Ultimate Guide to Planning Hiking Trips because we wanted to give you an easy to read source for planning hiking trips. Assuming you have some hiking experience, it isn't hard to guess that you know what it's like every time before a hiking expedition - planning, buying stuff, packing etc. This whole experience is often too boring and uninspiring. It's just a chore that must be done and if you're like most people, you'd probably like to limit the planning phase to the bare minimum. However, don't skip the planning part as it is the key to having a safer, and more enjoyable hiking trip. The exciting part always comes up after some preparation for an adventure.

Ultimate Guide to Planning Hiking Trips Cover       Ultimate Guide to Planning Hiking Trips Contents

The guide is available in the form of an eBook (it's also available on our blog in the form of an article).  You can download a complete copy of the book from our website - the eBook is free of charge. It's our special present for you and we hope that you will find valuable information in it and use it as a guide to help you plan out many unforgettable hiking adventures.

Ultimate Guide to Planning Hiking Trips on our Blog

Ultimate Guide to Planning Hiking Trips eBook

Download a copy of the guide and tell us what's your opinion about it. Do you have some other suggestions for planning tips?

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