Presenting a Down Jacket and an Insulated Jacket

It is still summer in the Northern hemisphere, however, it's about to end soon and the long sunny days will turn to shorter and colder gloomy days. Sure, autumn and winter have a lot of charm too. However, you'll have to change the summer shorts and short sleeve shirts with pants, fleeces, and jackets since they offer better weather protection and insulation. Of course, a good jacket must offer much more than just insulation. So, let's start first with some essentials that your insulated jacket needs to provide for you:

  • Protection - An insulation jacket's main function should always be to provide protection from the elements. That's why it’s important to have a waterproof jacket (or water-repellent). It needs also to be wind-resistant as protection from wind can sometimes be more important, especially in areas where the climate is dry and cold. Typical examples for such climate are most high mountains in the Northern hemisphere. On other occasions, waterproofness combined with breathability can be much more desirable than wind-resistance, especially in wet and relatively windless conditions.
  • Comfort is related to the subjective perception of various sensations. They can be visual, thermal as well as sensations related to pain, touch etc. Wear comfort is typically related to physiological processes within your body. It is related to heat transfer between the body and the environment as well as to the interaction between the body and the garment.
  • Functionality - It needs to meet the performance requirements of the user under extreme conditions. For example, the insulated jacket should be versatile, durable and abrasion-resistant; the outerwear should ensure moisture management; it might have some antibacterial and antifungal properties; be lightweight, especially if you wear it during high-intensity activities like hiking; and it should offer easy movement.
  • Quality and style (esthetics) – this is probably the most subjective of all. The color, design, appearance etc. play an important role in human perception of esthetics.

After clarifying the most important functions of an insulation jacket, let’s present you some outerwear ideal for winter weather:

Mountainskin Waterproof Insulated Jacket

It’s a fully waterproof jacket (20 000mm) combining waterproofness with premium ventilation thanks to the combination of waterproof breathable fabric and soft fleece lining. The 20 000mm rating indicates that the jacket can protect you against heavy rain and wet snow under high pressure so you don’t have to worry about getting wet from the outside. Additionally, the outerwear is windproof and will keep you warm and comfy during your winter walks in the city as well as in more intensive outdoor pursuits requiring excellent moisture management and insulation.

Mountainskin waterproof insulated jacket navy Mountainskin waterproof insulated jacket black Mountainskin waterproof insulated jacket purple

The outer layer is made of durable and breathable polyester to protect the thin waterproof breathable membrane inside. The membrane itself provides excellent weather protection as it shields against wind and precipitation but also allows internal water vapor to pass through the fabric and escape. Soft and comfortable fleece lining provides insulation by trapping still air next to the skin to give you extra warmth during long days on or off the trail.

The jacket has a removable hood for extra protection from the elements. It comes with an elastic drawstring and cord locks for easy adjustment while moving. Stand up collar with chin guard and elasticated hook-and-loop sleeve cuffs provide better temperature regulation and ventilation. Additionally, a variety of zippered and non-zippered pockets make sure that you have enough storage space for keeping essential personal items.

This waterproof breathable jacket is a perfect combination of functionality and comfort. It’s suitable for both men and women as the men’s variation comes in classic colors such as black, blue, and navy, while the women’s variation comes in stylish purple or black.

TECTOP Down Jacket

For cold weather hiking and backpacking, you need to have a lightweight outerwear such as a down jacket. Versatile and warm, TECTOP Down Jacket is lightweight and compact thanks to the down (90%) insulation inside. Known for its unsurpassed thermal efficiency, this kind of insulation is guaranteed to keep you warm and cozy during chilly days in the backcountry or in town. In addition, the jacket is water-resistant and windproof due to the ripstop nylon shell treated with a durable water repellent (DWR). Down absorbs a lot of water when wet, so always try to keep it dry and in return it will keep you warm for years. Nevertheless, if it gets wet, you can dry it in a sunny meadow (preferably) or at a Laundromat.

Woman wearing black down jacket Man wearing navy down jacket

The down jacket comes with a hood for additional protection from rain, snow, and wind. The hood is designed to stay in place without additional adjustments so it’s effectively a down hoodie. Adjustable bottom hem with cord locks and elastic cuffs keep warmth in and allow you to stay focused on your performance. Two hand warmer pockets with zipper closures offer room for small personal belongings. Down is the lightest and warmest natural insulation, so it comes as no surprise that this down jacket is highly compressible and can be packed into one of its own hand pockets.


TECTOP Down Jacket comes in two variations. Perfect for any outdoor activity requiring protection and functionality, the men’s down jacket comes in two different shades of blue, black, and khaki, while the women’s down jacket comes in rose, purple, navy, and black color. Light and comfortable, with an impressive warmth-to-weight ratio, this outerwear is a versatile piece of gear and an ideal addition to your arsenal for cold weather hiking, backpacking or travel.

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