Presenting FREE SOLDIER Tactical Sport Shoes

Hiking shoes must be durable, shock-absorbing, and offer stability on the trail both on an even terrain and on uneven surfaces.

There are some specifics of the human gait that we need to clarify first. It's a complicated cycle, which consists of a coordinated series of movements that involve both the upper and the lower part of the body. The human gait consists of two phases called "stance phase"  (the foot is in contact with the ground) and "swing phase" (the foot is off the ground). When you walk, your foot is on the ground for about 60% of the time, while off the ground phase takes about 40% of the time. For about 20% of the time, while walking, your both feet are in contact with the ground. During running, the swing phase is longer than the stance phase. Additionally, your feet never touch the ground at the same time while running, however, they are off the ground at the same time during the so-called "double float phase". Another difference is that stride length is longer with running and muscle activity is greater compared to walking. After this short clarification, you can probably understand better why running is much more dangerous for your feet, ankles, and knees than walking.

During off-road and trail running and walking (hiking) we recommend using trek shoes. They are durable and give more lateral support to prevent ankle sprains.

Here come FREE SOLDIER Tactical Sport Shoes. Made of durable mesh with seamless mosaic technology for better air circulation and ventilation, these men's tactical shoes provide a premium fit and feel and are lightweight, breathable, and quick dry. Slip-resistant rubber outsole provides excellent grip and traction even on rough, wet, muddy, and slick surfaces.

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Waterproof shoes are a great choice for hiking in cold conditions, however, for hot and wet conditions, their usage is not recommended. For summer hiking (excluding hiking at a high altitude), you need lightweight and breathable shoes ensuring dry and cool feet in hot conditions. They must also be quick dry in case that the weather is wet for a prolonged period of time or if you have to ford a river or a stream. FREE SOLDIER Tactical Sport Shoes are great for hiking in wet conditions, thanks to the built-in drainage system allowing water to leave your shoes in a short amount of time. In addition, they will get dry much quicker than a pair of regular hiking shoes, probably while you are walking. On a warm day, these trek shoes will probably need no more than an hour or two to being dry again. 

For better cushioning and all-day comfort on the go, these trek shoes come with an ultralight and flexible EVA midsole. It's shock-absorbing ensuring better energy return than a standard midsole. Additionally, moisture-wicking, breathable, and quick dry POLIYOU insole and inner mesh lining keep your feet cool and dry.

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When having to negotiate rough terrain, you need additional protection not only for your feet and heels but for your toes as well. These trekking shoes from FREE SOLDIER have rubber toe caps meant to provide additional protection for your toes acting as a buffer between you and the twigs and branches that you encounter off trail. Moreover, an integrated gusseted tongue keeps pebbles, sand, and debris out of your shoe.

The manufacturer took care of the ever-present problem of untied shoelaces. The convenient lock laces system keeps laces securely fastened and what's more, allows to keep your laces loose or tight or switch between different modes in a moment. The lock system also allows for fast and easy on and off.

Stylish and functional, FREE SOLDIER Tactical Sport Shoes are reliable hiking shoes equally suitable for short hikes and long trails over multiple and varied terrains. These trek shoes are the footwear you need for three-season hiking in hot, dry or wet conditions.

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