Keeping your feet dry isnt a major purpose of hiking shoes. However, keeping your feet dry and cool in the summer and dry and warm in the winter should be one of your top priorities in any outdoor pursuit no matter whether you're on the trail or on a walk around the city. In cool-to-cold and wet weather, you need better protection for your feet - trekking shoes that will keep your feet dry and comfortable. High-quality leather is fairly water resistant, but only boots with waterproof breathable membrane linings can be considered waterproof.

MERRTO M2-Tec Travel Shoes are men's hiking shoes suitable for a variety of outdoor activities from backpacking to camping, fishing, or travel. Today’s most common key innovative indicators for functional footwear applications are light weight, comfort with maximum support, lower maintenance, high durability, and water repellency. These athletic hiking shoes perfectly fit within this description and here's why.


Built to be light on your feet yet durable, MERRTO M2-Tec Travel Shoes feature upper made of high-quality genuine leather without sacrificing breathability. Soft and breathable spandex lining ensures better air circulation and excellent ventilation and will keep your feet dry during long and busy days on the trail or in the city. Waterproof sock inside ensures wet weather protection. 

Slip-resistant rubber outsole with multidirectional, angular lugs for premium grip and traction can handle uneven terrain with ease so you don't have to worry if the surface is rough, wet, muddy, or slippery. Additionally, it's sturdy and wear-resistant. Shock-absorbing PU midsole increases stability and reduces fatigue. Reinforced toe cap acts as a buffer between your toes and the twigs and branches that you encounter off trail, and will keep your foot safe from unpleasant encounters with gravel and rocks. Lacing system with tough and tensile laces ensures a secure, snug fit.

MERRTO-M2-Tec-Travel-Shoes-Blue MERRTO-M2-Tec-Travel-Shoes-Brown MERRTO-M2-Tec-Travel-Shoes-Grey

Lightweight trekking shoes made for outdoor professionals and ordinary enthusiasts, MERRTO M2-Tec Travel Shoes are the perfect footwear for hikes over multiple and varied terrains. These reliable hiking shoes with streamlined design deliver stability, breathability, and comfort and will keep you safe anywhere you go.

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