Presenting Softshell Pants Camo

Softshell Pants Camo are offered in two camouflage patterns - green woodland and gray woodland. Ideal for hiking, trekking, sportswear, mountain activities, camping, fishing, and other activities. Highly suitable for wet and windy conditions, you can rely on these trousers for high performance in any weather.

Suitable for three-season (spring, summer, and autumn) use, they are made of windproof and water-repellent hi-tech fabric which is elastic, breathable and dries quickly. It means that the trousers are perfect for any kind of outdoor activity which requires high intensity. Gusseted crotch and full fit allow freedom of movement, while three zippered storage pockets keep items secured and organized. Elastic self-adjusting waistband ensures perfect fit and comfort.

The camouflage design allows you to blend in with the environment, especially when you trek across forests and mountains and don't want to attract unwanted attention.

Suitable for both men and women.

Softshell Pants Camo - Men's Softshell pants Camo - Women's

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