FREE SOLDIER 1.5 Inches Secret Service Belt 117cm

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Made of durable, non-slip and wear-resistant nylon webbing, it features KAM hualian buckle that will hold up in any situation and portable module band for quick fasten and release. Durable magic stick strap makes sure that your belt won't open under the weight of heavy loads. Versatile, comfortable and functional, this tactical belt is suitable for both uniform and plain clothes.

Features of FREE SOLDIER 1.5 Inches Secret Service Belt 117cm 

  • Portable module band for rapid fasten and release
  • Durable magic stick strap for security and stability
  • Hook-and-loop tab keeps buckle secure and prevents catching when not in use 
  • High-quality KAM hualian buckle
  • Material: tank pattern nylon webbing
  • Width: 3.8cm (1.5")
  • Length: 117cm
  • Belt thickness: 0.4cm
  • Color: black, muddy, army green
  • Manufacturer: FREE SOLDIER
  • Manufacturer's number: mbyd170