VVQI Warm Winter Socks - Women's 4-Pack

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Made from a merino-synthetic blend, these socks are moisture-wicking and quick-drying for more comfort in cool and wet environments. Additionally, they have antimicrobial and no-itch properties and will retain their shape with moisture exposure. A perfect combination of functionality and comfort, these women's socks are designed for managing the cold and to keep your feet warm, comfortable, and cushioned everywhere you go.

Features of VVQI Warm Winter Socks - Women's 4-Pack

  • 4 pairs of quarter socks
  • Merino-synthetics blend for increased durability, elasticity, and thermoregulation 
  • Durable and functional socks to keep you comfortable on your outdoor adventures
  • Engineered to keep your feet warm and cushioned in cold environments
  • Soft feel and breathable, moisture-wicking and quick-drying performance
  • Merino wool has antibacterial and no-itch properties
  • Material: 38% Merino wool, 36% polyester, 14.5% nylon, 10.4% acrylic, 1.1% spandex
  • Manufacturer: VVQI
  • Manufacturer's number: T01WH2